How people were able to participate in the (D’) Evolution Summit, The Returns of Culture:

  1. Using the banner in your blog linking to this web:

  2. Helping to spread it the event in real time on Twitter, Facebook, Identica and all the networks within each persons reach. Follow it on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

  3. We launched 9 videos, a poster and a CD.

    Please, help us to spread the word..

  4. Writing a letter to the 27 Ministers of Culture of the UE to invite them:This was the letter and their contact details.

  5. We Create, We Decide:

    Take your copyleft music to your favourite stores (butcher’s, bakery, gym, parking stations…) so that they can play music without having to pay royalties to collection and management societies.

    Bringing it along to the square to exchange it with others. (March 30, at Fossar de les Moreres – see program).

  6. Looking for a (North) American friend to explain Report 301 to the US Ambassador.:

    Bringing along your (North) American friend (March 30, Fossar de las Moreres – See program).

  7. I co-produced Vicky Crisitina Barcelona:

    *Make t-shirts, badges, banners (March 30, Fossar de les Moreres – See program).

  8. The Tracks Collector:

    Everybody is entitled to claim a share of the money that royalties management and collection societies collect and don’t pass on to anybody.

    Whether or not you are an author or performer, you can participate too.

    To get into the role, invent yourself a nice Tracks Collector suit and go to the nearest office of the royalties management society that looks after your area of activity to lodge your claim.

    If you are not an author and you want to lodge a claim for the return of the “canón” or digital levy, you have to go to a SGAE office.

    You can go on your own or get together with your family, friends or work colleagues and lodge a group claim. If you are happy with your Tracks Collector costume, immortalize it in photos or video. We would love to receive them and post them on the web site.

    Remember to remain polite at all times even if they try your patience and make it difficult sometimes.

    They will probably not even understand what you’re talking about – they live in a different world – but it’s time they started to listen to the “D’Evolución” return our money song.

    Below you will find a useful guide to claiming the return of the digital levy and for artists to claim their royalty entitlements.

    - How to claim the digital levy (Click here)

    - For Authors (Click here)

    - Practical information (Click here)

  9. Financed by:

    The (D’)Evolution Summit, The Returns of Culture, is partly financed by money corresponding to the digital levy that some artists have received as payment from the royalties management society that they belong to. In the belief that it does not belong to them, they have decided to put back into the commons.

    If you are a member of a royalties management society you can do it too. This event has incurred many expenses (technical infrastructure and workers) – given that culture is not free and everybody must be able to receive payment for their work, please help us to finance it.