Royalties management and collection societies have a legal mandate from the Ministry of Culture that authorizes them to collect all the royalties generated through public communication (this is known as “mandatory collective management”), on the TV, for example, whether or not the author is a member of one of these societies.

Until this changes, Spanish Law also sets out that all authors have the right to claim their royalties, even if they are not members of a royalties management society.

If you are not a member of a royalties management society and your work has been broadcast on television or the radio, or if you have played at a venue, party or wedding, and you know that the person who booked you has paid the corresponding royalties, if you have recorded your music or film on CDs that you bought and paid the digital levy on, if your book is loaned out in libraries and you are not a member of CEDRO – in any of these cases, the royalties management society has collected money that is yours and you have the right to claim it.