Below you will find the letter that we addressed to the Ministers of Culture during the (D’)Evolution Summit and right at the end, their contact details. Invite them yourself!

For the attention of Mr/Ms (for example Ángeles González Sinde).

Dear Minister,

The Spanish Minister of Culture Ángeles González Sinde has invited you as on of the Ministers of Culture of the 27 European Union countries to come together in Barcelona on March 29 and 30 in relation to the European Forum for Cultural Industries organised by the Spanish Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce.

Given the unequivocal approach promised by this context, even though no appeal has been made for the input of the creative community and civil society, we have organized three days of activities to explain the culture that we want for the digital era: a model of culture that benefits everybody – citizens and creators – a model of culture that stimulates creativity and not just profits, and, above all, a model that does not attack the Internet or the new possibilities that the Net offers creators and society in general. “Culture” is not just the audiovisual entertainment industry, it is much more: it is our cultural legacy, it is creators and it is every one of us.

Conscious of the fact that the creative community and civil society may have been left out due to the tight schedule of the Ministers, as citizens we have decided to mitigate this omission by creating a parallel event, the (D’) EVOLUTION SUMMIT, The Returns of Culture.

We would like to invite you to attend some parts of this event.
The timing has been designed to be compatible with the ministerial schedule, and qualified members of the organisational team will be on hand to inform you at all times.

The (D’) Evolution Citizen Summit, the Returns of Culture, explains and offers practical legal solutions to the new issues, based on the international “Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge”, which is in line with the declaration of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [1].

The program alternates between sections providing detailed information on the evolution required if we are to move towards a model that will benefit everybody and ways to achieve this aim, and other sections that will turn to practical examples.

The (D’) EVOLUTION SUMMIT, The Returns of Culture, will be held from march 29 to march 31 2010 in Barcelona.

We look forward to seeing you on the 30th at 2:15 pm in plaza El Fossar de les Moreres (Borne), -Metro: Barceloneta, Jaume I- at the meeting with the media at 6:45pm to join us in a cultural event organised under new paradigms and the 31th from 11:00 am at 20:00 pm in Conservas, calle Sant Pau 58 bajos.

You are likewise welcome to contact the organisers at these venues
or by ringing: (+34) 648 641 336

Yours sincerely,

(please write your contact and the name of your organization here)

[1] “The Committee considers that only the “author”, namely the creator, whether man or woman, individual or group of individuals, of scientific, literary or artistic productions, such as, inter alia, writers and artists, can be the beneficiary of the protection of article 15, paragraph 1 (c). (…) Under the existing international treaty protection regimes, legal entities are included among the holders of intellectual property rights. However, as noted above, their entitlements, because of their different nature, are not protected at the level of human rights.
United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [GE.06-40060 (E) 020206]

Click here for the spanish version of the letter

List of contact details for Ministers by country

Germany – DE
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
Bernd Neumann
Tel. ++49 22899 400 2060

Austria – AT
Minister for Education, Art and Culture
Claudia Schmied
Tel ++43 (0)1 53 120-0

Belgium – BE
Government of the French Community-Minister of Culture, Audiovisual Affairs, Health and Equal Rights
Fadila Laanan
Tel. ++32

Bulgaria – BG
Minister of Culture
Vezhdi Letif Rashidov
Tel. ++359/02/94 00 900

Cyprus – CY
Minister of Education and Culture
Andreas Dimitrioy
Tel. ++357 22305970-22426393

Denmark -DK
Minister of Culture
Per Stig Møller
Tel. ++45 33 92 33 70

Slovakia – SK
Minister of Culture
Marek Maďarič
Tel. ++421 2 20482 155

Slovenia – SI
Minister of Culture
Majda Širca
Tel. ++ 386 1 369 59 00

Spain – ES
Ministra de Cultura
Ángeles González-Sinde

Estonia – EE
Minister of Culture
Laine Jänes
Tel. ++372 6 282 250
Tel. ++372 6 282 222

Finland – FI
Minister of Culture and Sport
Stefan Wallin
Tel. ++358-(0)9-160 04 or +358-(0)9-578 14

France – FR
Ministère de la culture et de la communication
Frédéric Mitterrand
Tel. ++33 140158000

Greece – GR
Minister of Culture
Pavlos Yeroulanos
Tel. ++358 9 160 774 12

Hungary – HU
Minister of Education and Culture
Istvan Hiller
Tel. ++36-1 795-1200

Ireland – IE
Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism.
Martin Cullen
Tel. ++3531 6313800

Ireland – IE
Minister of State with special responsibility for the Arts
Martin Mansergh

Italy – IT
Ministro per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Sandro Bondi
Tel. ++39 0667232274
Tel. ++39 0667232480
Tel. ++39 0667232256

Latvia – LV
Minister of Culture
Ints Dālderis
Tel. ++371 67330200

Lithuania – LT
Minister of Culture
Remigijus Vilkaitis
Tel. ++370 261 94 86

Minister of Culture
Octavie Modert
Tel. 00 352/247.866.02

Malta – MT
Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
Dolores Cristina

Netherlands – NL
Minister of Education, Culture and Science
Ronald H.A. Plasterk
Tel . ++ 31 70 412 28 87

Poland– PL
Minister of Culture and National heritage
Bgdan Zdrojewski
Tel. ++48 22 42 10 251

Portugal – PT
Minister of Culture
Maria Gabriela da Silveira Ferreira Canavilhas
Tel. ++351 213 614 500

United Kingdom – UK
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
Ben Bradshaw
Tel. ++44 0207 219 6597

Czech Republic – CZ
Minister of Culture
Václav Riedlbauch
Tel. ++420 257 085 334

Romania – RO
Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs
Hunor Kelemen

Sweden – SE
Minister of Culture
Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth
Tel. ++46 8 4052073

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