This page displayed the live broadcast, during 3 days straight, of all the (D’) Evolution Summit events, as well as the 9 videos created for the occasion -educational films that any minister can understand. Spread them, download them, use them.

* Download the videos. Mov from the Vimeo page and download videos in. ogg or watch them online in .ogg from the mediabase.

* The streaming was done simultaneously on two platforms, one in flash for those who still are Internet Explorer users and other 100% free software, using icecast, theora, ffmpeg2theora and Tss. We had over 5,000 viewers. We encourage you to free your browser and use Firefox . Your life will be easier and your browser will be free!

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Streaming Team: Águeda Bañón, Lluis Gómez, Dani Miracle, David Lectrovisión, MIguel Gozalbo, Silvia Corti, Sergio Moreno, Eduard.