Even though Intellectual Property legislation in Spain provides that all citizens have the right to private copying as long as it is for non-profit purposes, every time you buy a CD, a hard drive or any other type of storage media, you are paying the SGAE a fee that is supposed to offer authors “fair compensation” for private copying. The famous “CANÓN” or digital levy.

The thousands of Euros that we all pay between us are collected exclusively by the SGAE, acting under a legal mandate from the Ministry of Culture, in order to compensate for the royalties that authors and publishers will fail to receive as a result of the (legal) copies that we make. And they collect this money even if your are copying YOUR OWN photos, YOUR OWN documents, YOUR OWN audio files…

Take the CD with your material on it and proof of purchase to your nearest SGAE office and lodge a claim for the return of the part of the cost of the CD that corresponds to the digital levy.

You are entitled to recover this money. They can’t reject your claim
It’s possible: some people have already managed to get their money back!