on how public funds must have an impact on the public realm and not be privatized.

The Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona was generously funded by Barcelona City Council.

  1. Even when they are intended for commercial exploitation, the products of developments financed by public funds should always be published under free licenses to an extent equal to the ratio of public funding used in the project..
  2. All legal systems should facilitate and promote licences that allow sharing to the same extent as proprietary licenses.
  3. There should be no restriction on the freedom to access, link to and index any work that is already freely accessible to the public online.
  4. The Copyright term should not exceed the minimum term set by the Berne Convention. We already consider the minimum Berne term unfair in today’s context, and support shortening it in the long term. Excessive duration of copyright does not benefit either consumers or authors.
  5. Oh! And there should be no copyright on legislation, government reports, political speeches and documents or regulatory compliance information.

*Ref.: point 2 “Legal Demands”, paragraph C – “Knowledge Commons and the Public Domain”of the of the Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge.