The Forum for Cultural Industries which has been organised in Barcelona by the Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the European Committee on Culture and Education as a prelude to the Informal Meeting of the European Union’s Ministers of Culture, has omitted to include one panel in its program.

No doubt by oversight, surely because of time pressures.

The citizen symposium “The Returns of Culture”, which rubs shoulders with the Forum for Cultural Industries and the Informal Meeting of Ministers, in case any of them are prepared to listen to bits of it, has decided to help them mitigate this oversight and has invited leading representatives from the cultural industries to participate in the missing panel, “What Returns for Culture?”

We will try to get an answer to the questions posed on the panel “What Returns for Culture?”. For this, with us will be: Mrs Dolores Hernandes, representing Promusicae, a trade group of Spanish recording industry multinationals famous for its propaganda work largely financed by the Culture Ministry itself, such as, for example, its web site, which has cost taxpayers almost a million euros in 2009. And Mr Herminio Torquenada, on behalf of the coalition of creators, a coalition that, in spite of its name, does not represent any creator, but instead brings together almost all the lobbies and major entertainment multinationals in Spain and the US.